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A chapter is an official group of 4WD enthusiasts in a local area, that meet and 4WD together as a group under the auspices of the 4WDAA, a not for profit Australian entity that is insured with $20mill public liability for events, associations liability for officials, voluntary workers insurance for volunteers and personal accident insurance for financial members.

Chapter members that are officials of the 4WDAA, can organise events and activities for their own chapter or meet as a social group at other 4WDAA or 4WDAA chapter events. Meeting socially means group members travel independently and meet as a group at events (rallies, trips, socials, etc) organised by the 4WDAA or other 4WDAA chapters. 

Who are chapter members? 

Chapter members are groups of like minded persons, young and old who have an interest in 4WD's, 4WDing with others and gaining more experience. The many members that are a part of the 4WDAA across Australia make the 4WDAA the nation's most progressive 4WD club. 4WDAA members are best known for getting young people, families and fellow enthusiasts outdoors, camping and on the trails more often and actively involved inactivities and events. 4WDAA members also participate in different kinds of fund raising activities ranging from trips, meets, shows, runs, etc.

How do I join a chapter? 

Joining a chapter is easy, search Facebook for 4WDAA and just follow the link to the 4WDAA chapter facebook group or groups of your choice, answer the chapter member question(s), and members of the chapter admin team will consider your request to join, easy!

How much does it cost to join a Chapter? 

Joining a chapter is FREE, just like if you joined any other facebook group, but unlike other facebook groups, 4WDAA chapters are insured meaning group admins and moderators are covered for what is said on the media outlet, officials are covered for organising challenges, trips, meets, socials, fundraisers, etc, other volunteers are covered, financial members are covered and any agency requiring to be noted as an interested party is also covered.

How is a chapter formed? 

If you can't find a chapter in your local area from the list of chapters, all it takes is a request to 4WDAA management to form a new one.

How is a chapter managed? 

A chapter can be managed by a single person that is identified as a volunteer administrator to the parent club’s executive or as a volunteer sub committee to the parent club’s committee. A sub committee holds meetings independent of the 'parent’ club, whereas an administrator manages a chapter under the guidance of the parent clubs executive. 

What does being a chapter member offer? 

The club offers members the opportunity to get behind the wheel and out on the trails more often, to enjoy new areas and the opportunity to help others learn and gain more experience. To become a member is to become an active member of a respected national organisation, an advocate for the 4WD community and a mentor to young and new 4WDers. As a member, you can also use your time and talents to volunteer at events and help grow the 4WDAA family.

What are the benefits of free chapter membership? 

There are many reasons to become a chapter member. As a club chapter member you will be able to get behind the wheel and out on the trails more often, organise trips and challenges for fellow members, gain more skills and network with other members in your area and around the nation. Being part of a club chapter means you will never have to 4WD alone. 

What are the benefits of financial membership? 

  1. You will have all the privileges and responsibilities of an AMA and 4WDAA member and will receive advice and support from the 4WDAA and its partners;

Joining as a member of a 4WDAA chapter is as easy as nominating your “home club” when applying for AMA Membership. Depending which AMA club is the parent association, will determine whether a membership fee is also payable to the parent association.  

Any questions on any of the above, we’re just a phone call away - AMA Office T: 0476 783 090. We look forward to having you as part of the AMA family.

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