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Membership is recommended but not required to participate in any social gatherings or pleasure drives/ recreation trips promoted by the 4WDAA or a 4WDAA chapter. However, financial membership is mandatory in challenge events, activities involving unregistered motor vehicles and any other form of competitive event promoted by the 4WDAA or a 4WDAA chapter.

Membership to the 4WDAA is achieved by purchasing a Solo or Family membership with AMA Clubs and by nominating the 4WDAA as the members "Home Club". This membership entitles the member to participate in any AMA sanctioned activity or event, promoted by the 4WDAA or a 4WDAA chapter, anywhere in Australia.

Having membership to the AMA Clubs makes participating in any 4WDAA or 4WDAA chapter activity or event easier and quicker at event registration. If you have current membership to AMA Clubs, you can just turn up, sign in and 4WD! If you're not a financial member, with the AMA Clubs you'll need to complete an AMA event registration form, read the terms and conditions, sign an indemnity agreement and do all that other annoying and time consuming stuff, every time you want to 4WD with us.

For membership options please visit the AMA Clubs membership website.