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Designed and built for our tough Australian Conditions. Proud partners of the CTAA.

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Designed and built for our tough Australian Conditions. Proud partners of the CTAA.

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Designed and built for our tough Australian Conditions. Proud supporters of the CTAA.

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Designed and built for our tough Australian Conditions. Proud partners of the CTAA.

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Specialising in off road insurance cover. Proud partners of the CTAA.

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The Camper Trailer Association of Australia (CTAA) is a member organisation that brings together enthusiasts, dealers and manufacturers to protect your rights and to help you get outdoors and camping more often.

About The CTAA

CTAA Events


All club and club chapter activities and events must be registered on the official events calendar. This registration effects event insurance cover to ensure that event organisers and their volunteers are covered against claims from third parties if an incident happens during an event

The categories of events the club may promote include fundraisers for AMA Charity (treks, adventure runs, etc), working bees (bush/ trail clean ups, etc), social events (BBQ's, gatherings, etc), 4WD pleasure drives/ recreation trips (group tours, runs, camp overs, etc) and 4WD competitive events (winch challenges, adventure challenges, etc).


All events organised by the 4WDAA or a 4WDAA chapter are insured by the Australian Motorist Association (AMA), which means we must comply with the guidelines, best practice and operational standards as set by the AMA.

All AMA sanctioned events are required to comply with the General Events Guideline and is the basis for which all 4WDAA and 4WDAA chapter events operate. Under the AMA guidelines, the main activities of the 4WDAA or a 4WDAA chapter are identified as 'social gatherings', 'pleasure drives' and 'competitive events'. 


All 4WDAA and 4WDAA chapter activities and events are to be managed by officials called the Event Organiser, Event Supervisor or Event Referee.


The 4WDAA is a volunteer association. 

CTAA Chapters

A chapter is a place where members can make new friends with like-minded individuals who are passionate about camping with their camper trailer

The purposes of a CTAA chapter shall be to:

  • support the implementation of the objects and aims of the CTAA;
  • promote events organised by the CTAA and CTAA chapters and encourage participation by fellow members in these events; and
  • develop relations between fellow enthusiasts and associated dealers or retail stores.

A chapter shall be family-oriented, non-political and non religious.

About Chapters

A CTAA chapter is an official group that meet and camp together as a group under the auspices of the CTAA.

Chapter Members

Chapter members are groups of like minded Australians, young and old who have an interest in camping with camper trailers.

Chapter Membership

Joining a CTAA chapter is FREE, just like when you join any other facebook group.

Membership Benefits

CTAA chapters offer members the opportunity to get outdoors and go camping more often.

All Chapters

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